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The History And Sinking of the “John Gilmore”

John Gilmore – Wreck Diving Position Istria CroatiaVery little is known about the sinking of the “John Gilmore”, not even the name of the ship that is one of the more popular wrecks for divers that come to Istria and dive in the sea near Pula, that once was the major harbour of the Austro-Hungarian Navy (also called k. u k. Navy, which stands for “koenigliche und kaiserliche”).

The “John Gilmore” wreck is one of fourteen shipwrecks including destroyers, merchant ships, minesweepers and submarines which divers can explore near Pula waiting to be explored from dive centres in and around Pula. During its history the ship is believed to have changed names and owners numerous times. It has therefore not yet been determined what the real name of the ship was when it sunk, sometime in the second half of the 19th century.

The wreck has gotten its name from a metal plate that was found on it and which read “John Gilmore”, but that is not the real name of the ship but an English engine producer of that time. However, that is the name under which the wreck is now known.

Even though the wreck of this unfortunate merchant steam ship is thought to be one of the first ships that sunk at the beginning of World War I (it has also not yet been determined what caused the ship to sink), it represents one of the best preserved wrecks around. The thing that makes this wreck popular among divers is that diving is possible inside the well preserved wreck so many divers return to the site and bring fellow divers along.

The visibility around the wreck and inside of it is usually very good and there is no strong current so diving is enjoyable around and inside this fifty meters long and 8 meters wide wreck.

Dive and explore the wreck with the experienced staff of the Diving Center Shark.

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