Rebreather Intro. CCR

Diving Center SHARK, Autocamp Medulin, 52203 Medulin
Mobile: +385 98 366 110


Theory: Diving Center SHARK
Open-water dives: Mediterranean, Croatia, Medulin

€ 290,00 per person, at least 3 persons
Boat-trips, gas and scrubber are not included.
Course fees must be paid in full before the beginning of the course.

Our service: theoretical and practical instruction

Prerequisites: At least 18 years old, Nitrox certification (CSU or equivalent), medical certificate (not older than 1 year – the form is available from us).

Duration: 1 day (about 4 hours theory, 1-2 open-water dives)



  • How a CCR (closed-circuit-rebreather) works
  • Functional tests before, during and after the dive
  • Care and maintenance of CCRs


  • 1-2 open-water dives
  • Buoyancy peculiarities compared to diving with open systems
  • Body position, trimming
  • Correct breathing when diving with a CCR
  • CCR and breathing resistance

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