About Medulin

medulin1Once a fishing village, today a modern tourist resort, Medulin offers a dynamic and eventful vacation. Everything is focussed on tourism. There is a bank in town that works all year round, as well as ATMs, post office, doctors’ offices, pharmacy, marketplace, car wash, stores, souvenir shops, jewelry shops, hairdressers and galleries. A wide variety of entertainment is offered, ranging from discotheques open until morning to terraces with live music.

Medulin’s unique sandy beach Bijeca, one kilometer long, attracts families with young children. Nature lovers prefer campsites where they can relax in the shade of century old pine trees. Medulin is also the perfect place for naturists who want to feel nature. There is also plenty of entertainment and fun until the early morning hours for the younger generation.

During the winter Medulin area ideal for preparations of sportsmen, especially divers, football players and athletes. The climate is perfect for winter preparations, the average day temperature in January is 6,20 centigrade which is suitable for sports and recreation. April with average 11 and May 16 centigrade the weather is ideal to dive into the stillness of the underwater world. You can also do biking or perhaps horse riding in the predominantly lowland area. During your stay in Medulin, area with a rich fishing tradition discover the delights of homemade dishes – crab salad, black risotto or brodetto. Or if you prefer a meat menu you can try Istrian prosciutto, “fuži” pasta with veal sauce or perhaps aromatic specialties prepared with highly prized truffles.

You can also visit one of the many small islands of the Medulin archipelago for example Ceja, Levan or Bodulaš. Perhaps you would like to see it all from above? Then choose a panoramic flight by sports plane. Don’t miss the old windmills by the sea, archaeological site Vižule with remains of Roman villas or an unforgettable walk to the Medulin pond with ducks. There is a wide selection and it’s up to you to choose.

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